Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dead? Or just dead tired.

On the Red Line today...
Wonder if they missed their stop?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yakety Yakety Yak Yak Yak

OK, this girl was picking up her mom from the airport yesterday and not only did she talk NON STOP, but it was also INCREDIBLY LOUD and she had absolutely no idea that her volume was about an 11. I learned more about this incredibly annoying girl than I ever need to know, including the frightening fact that she is a schoolteacher. Clearly she will now be sending a room full of students out into the world thinking that you have to yell in public transportation. I heard her talk about how her sister didn't trust her to watch the dog. I heard about the gloves she bought to match her scarf. I heard her talk to the woman who did her nails on the phone (also incredibly loud). She was pretty oblivious to everyone's glares and stares around her. I came incredibly close to asking her to shut the hell up, but then instead, I figured I'd just post her picture here for people to see what a loud annoying such-and-such she is.

Oh, and I timed her blocks of silence between inane commentary. She could not go 4 seconds without some new observation. Lemme guess -- your husband/boyfriend seems to somehow spend most of his time in the den watching the game so he doesn't have to listen to you blabber on night after night. MMMMMMMMMM Kay?

Happy Holidays, Miss Loudie.

What is "R.O.C.K. on the C.T.A.?"

So I have a little hobby.. I like to take pictures of people on the CTA. Sometimes I make up stories about them. Sometimes I just think they are good looking. Sometimes I think they are bizarre looking. Usually, I just feel the need to record them for posterity or some virtual time capsule.

In any case, it entertains me to no end. The CTA is part of my everyday life.... and so are these curious characters. Be on the lookout.. you never know if YOU might appear on this blog!