Monday, June 30, 2008


Girl, lemme tell you I love me some VERIZON!
I get "Gilmore Girls" on my Blackberry!!! there's just no need to ever leave the train!
mmmmmmmmm kay, Justin???????

Um, yeah I'd like to order a large pizza....and...

...And can you have that delivered to the #135 bus? I"ll meet you at the LaSalle stop...

I'm Sad...

....because my roommate let me leave the house with a giant 1972 braid.

Really? A Braid? Will you be rocking the 'side ponytail' for casual Friday too?

Red Line: Beige Shirt: White Hot.

You can't read this sign.... but...

this is one of the reasons why I take the train... Gas in Chicago is like $4.50/gallon.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nothing quite says GAY PRIDE... having your Mom come to town to see the GAYZ!

Who's bringing the sliders to the brunch, honey?
I made a jell-o mold!

Straight Dudes

"Yeah, I'm goin to the gay pride parade... with.. um... my GIRLFRIEND!... yeah, she loves the gays... it's almost as fun at St. Patrick's Day!... What about you?"

"yeah, see you at Steamworks....."

Ebony & Ivory

Ride the CTA together in perfect...!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally! A Fashionable Couple on the TRAIN!!!

I loved these two.. just a hint of funky.. very cute.. Loved his plaid pants... loved her big white bag and red pumps... cute top on her too...

I'm going to guess their jobs now... he's an art director at a high-falootin' ad agency... she runs a smart upscale baby clothes boutique in Wicker Park. They love concerts at the Old Town school of music, and they try to get their dog, a puggle, stoned. Nightly.

Nice Rump HumpDay

Just a collection... enjoy

Cute Guy. Nice Suit.

Bad bag.
You need a smart leather bag. Not the crap Kenneth Cole "REACTION" shiz that you can get at the TJMaxx... let's spend some coin here. You clearly clean up well... now get on it -- head to Burka or Louis or Gucci... Even a nice Tumi bag would be better than this beach bag...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eat.Pray.Love your sunglasses!

WHAT?????? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!


I will now use the GPS function on my phone...

... to find out where I can buy an Ogilvy Home Perm.

Girls have camel toe, and boys have...

... Bull Knuckle.
Or Bear Claw.
Any others???




This little Russian woman was so cute.. pulled out a tattered map, was trying to get to Evanston... and unbelievably, someone just 2 seats away from her spoke perfect Russian (he happened to be a cute guy who I did NOT get a pic of .. D@MN) but he was really cute and sweet and the whole episode made me think of how much I love Chicago and how gracious and kind people can be. Even on a hot, smelly, stinky, crowded "el" car....

Monday, June 23, 2008

When bad shoes happen to good people.

Seersucker suit? Cute and summer appropriate
MeeMaw's hand-me-down flower flats? Not so much.

Hottie Mondays, Lady Edition

She was a total cutie...

Tall Drink O'Water

G-d D@MN he is handsome!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

you probably can't tell from the pic, but...

This bedazzled hoodie was FIERCE!

Theater Major?

Or just really really really really really loved Les Miz? (you prob. can't see it but he's wearing a vintage Les Miz T...) See you at SideTrack on Monday night!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hey.. so I just wanna give a shout out to my global readers!!!
I am thrilled and tickled that anyone cares about this dumb blog, is interested in what I have to say, and hasn't created a VooDoo doll of me yet.

Special shout out to my peeps in Italy, Taiwan, Switzerland, the UK, Norway, Sweeden, Turkey, Vietnam and Canada. Thanks for reading!!! Leave a message or comment!!

Of course I love my US of A peeps too!!! I have had visitors from all states except ten (so if anyone knows anyone in Alaska, Vermont, Maine, Delaware, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Wyoming, West Virgina, Kentucky and North Dakota, let 'em know!!!)

See ya on the CTA (TAKE IT!!!)
- David Rockwell.....


This annoying couple clearly just met on about 2 weeks ago.. they SHOVED onto the most crowded train ever. He was a total mouth breather. She was codependent. They refused to stop touching each other at all times. Instead of hanging onto the wall or the bar, she just hung onto him. I could barely hang on to my lunch.

Just wait until she's still clinging to him about 7 years into the loveless marriage. He will take a second job at the Jiffy Lube. She will make bundt cakes.

Did I miss a memo?

are topsiders cool again?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ladies, lemme show you how it's done...

... you just close your eyes and open your mouth like this...

Hunk Tuesdays, Part Deux


..which is always a great choice in June. Big heavy leather coat. Way to think that one through, ding dong.

This guy was so rude.. would not move for anyone.. took up two seats on the very crowded brown line... and listened to his bad music way too loud. His earphones were like speakers. Stop pretending you are asleep. I can see your eyes are open, mister!

Blech. Rude!!! And that dumb toothpick in your mouth makes you look like a farmer.

Sir, I suggest that you CTRL+ALT+DEL - you need to RESTART!



Monday, June 16, 2008

My bran muffin just kicked in.

I might need to poop in my plaid push cart.

"227" Reality Show coming your way!!!!!!!

Here's two candidates for the role of "Pearl"
I just happened to be scouting for them on the bus... and they were sitting RIGHT ACROSS FROM EACH OTHER!!!

It was amazing, but you could really feel the tension. "Pearl #1" was totally hating on "Pearl #2"

Oh, and by the way, both of them smelled like a combination of #1 and #2.