Saturday, May 31, 2008

Brokeback/Brokedown Bus

I used to make fun of the people who were stuck on broken down busses.
Then it happened to me.
Three times.
The most recent was yesterday... I was shopping (shocker) and ran to catch the 144 right in front of Louis Vuitton and I JUST made it... it was so weird because it was 6:45pm and I thought the bus would be crowded but there were just two other people on there. Two old ladies (not related).

Well, once the bus got under the overpass to get onto LSD, wouldn't you know it but it just stopped. The large African American female bus driver seemed to be giving an out loud prayer to Jesus. The two old ladies got off the bus because a 147 came by.... and they could take that one, but I couldn't, so it was just me and Miss Celie from the Color Purple.

Well wouldn't you know it but Jesus answered her prayers much faster than Run Hueberman's posse and we were off. Yes, it was just me and the bus driver.. I felt very "driving miss daisy" and she drove me straight home....

Here's a pic of her, and of the empty bus.

She was very sweet and I told her I owed her a large martini. She said she'd take me up on that...

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Lauren said...

Hmm note to self: When I move to Chicago, always be sure to have a [full] martini shaker in my messenger bag when taking the bus.