Monday, July 21, 2008

Nice Try

I love this trick.
a.) place all of your sh!t on the seat next to you so no one will sit next to you
b.) pretend to sleep during rush hour

OK, let's just say it's RUDE. Hi!!! Pregnant lady over there!!! Rickety old man on the floor! Me! (Hey, I want a seat too!!!)

Anyway, PICK UP YOUR SH!T!!!!!!


Aaron said...

In Europe, they would move it for him, or hit him on the arm and tell him to move it.

What an ass!

lolo said...

See what bugs me more is that peope act all scared of people like this instead of just asking them to move...

David said...

Notice the wide stance. It'd be fun to slide up next to him and whisper a breathy, "Hello big guy..."

I Hate Hipsters said...

Bet ya $1000 you didn't say anything to the big scary black dude. Naw, just snap your sneaky little pic and think yourself clever.