Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What do you think about my Dangling Carrot?

OK, a big huge thank you to my pallie Paulie for getting me off my FAT blogger ass and getting me back in the swing of things..

his post today on his ALWAYS HILARIOUS blog (http://dangling-carrots.blogspot.com/) mentioned an "incident" that I have found all too often in my tales....

I suggest you go and take a big read... and be warned.. I"m BACK!!! tell your friends... I want my numbers to break more than 4 readers a day.. LOL

Love to ride that CTA


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1 comment:

Chicago Bi Guy said...

Thanks for coming back and posting.. I must admit I read your blog as often as I can (as well as Paul's).

I'm sure you're talking about his taking pictures on the train. I always wondered how do you take pictures without getting caught.