Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Artsy Fartsy silhouette

Silhouette. Talk about a word that pretty much makes my stomach hurt. It's like the word "thrice" or when people pronounce the word measure as MAY-zhure and pleasure as PLAY-zhure. Know what other phrase I hate? Dutch Treat. I think it makes me think of a.) a Dutch oven, and then b.) the fact that paying for your own meal is hardly a treat.

Here's your silhouette of the day...


sprinkle4 said...

LMAO @ "mayzure" and "playzure"! You hear that ALL the time down here from the older ladies who want to sound "sophisticated"

Brian said...

I hate when people pronounce measure as 'mayzure' because Mayzure is actually my last name. No joke.