Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hunky Tuesday!

Cutie Cuterton.


Anonymous said...


Which reminds me...Have you ever seen a guy ride a CTA bus or train shirtless? Is there a rule against it, or is everyone just too self-conscious to do it? Maybe afraid of touching a germy surface with their torso...or a surface with their germy torso?

I've seen exactly one shirtless guy in six years, on the Red Line. He was a Gay Games athlete headed up to Northwestern. Looked great, but he looked like he was a little nervous being the only topless person on the train (and probably being stared at by every other person on board).

Not that I wished this hunk you posted were shirtless, you understand.

Kelley said...

I've been crushing on your blog for-evah ! Found you via the Purge boys . I know you don't do this stuff - but I'm asking anyway - cause I love ya ... I've been tagged to tell 6 quirky things about myself , and I'm passing it on to you ...


David Rockwell said...

Hi Kelley... love your face... and your blog! Keep a-readin'!
David Rockwell