Monday, September 8, 2008


Irene Cara from FAME!!! spotted by "JR" of Chicago!!!
Thanks, JR!!!


Dan said...

I take pictures of people on the trolleys in San Diego. It started when I got my new cell phone a few weeks ago and it's caught on. I can't always take the pictures I want though, because I get nervous when it's obvious. I try to be sneaky.

How do you take your pictures? Some people look like they know you're taking the shot.

So far... I've got a guy with pants so low that you could see his ass, and this european guy with really tight cloth pants that made his bulge all moosetoed up. And, some cuties here and there where I can manage to get the courage for a shot. Oh, yes, just today I got a guy with a 70's bowl cut.

David Rockwell said...

send a few in for reader submissions!