Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Girl with the tacky red bag totally didn't hold the door for the girl who was walking behind her... probably because the door was so heavy... this anorexic long lost Olsen twin didn't have the energy (or manners) until she meandered to Dunkin Donuts.

She didn't have the manners AFTER Dunkin Donuts either, but she got the triple shot no foam skim pumpkin spiced chai latte with cinnamon. It goes so well with coke. And her rain boots.

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Anonymous said...

Guaranteed DePaul student. Spend anytime at the Fullerton stop and you'll realize that the today's college students have zero common sense.

And what is up with women and GIANT duffel bag purses? Or is it a satchel? Seriously, I traveled to Europe with a smaller bag than the red cow killer she is carrying for her trip to J.Crew.