Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's a 5 letter word for BAD TASTE



Anonymous said...

I don't see what's in bad taste or tacky here. Sorry. Good to know people are out there judging everyone's wardrobe. Sheesh.

David Rockwell said...

sorry "anonymous" -- can't please everyone!

You are absolutely welcome to start your own blog and you can tell the world (or 7 readers like I have) how you feel about everyone's wardrobe.

This blog is only my opinion -- but yes, there are people out there judging everyone's wardrobe. I'm just saying it out loud.

Thanks for reading!!! Keep on truckin'

Anonymous said...

All righty, then. Fair enough. It's a free country.

I do like your Hunky Tuesdays and check in every time, hoping someone has caught a shirtless guy on a train or bus. I've only seen one shirtless guy on a train, and the experience felt like I'd been given a precious gift. Helped that he was standing in the aisle in front of me, and I was forced to view his torso. Wish I had a camera back then.

Anonymous said...

I see this women all the time on the Fullerton bus, and this is one of her better outfits !!!Some times she dresses like she's in "Wicked" !!!

Anonymous said...

This woman lives in my neighborhood! And I must agree with the post above, this is from the "good side" of her closet.

Count me as reader #8.

Lauren said...

The hat makes her the train conductor, right?